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Our Story

At Ticket Chocolate, we believe life’s best moments are often the simplest. And that’s the approach we take with our chocolate. We know that if we use only the finest ingredients we will create chocolate that is worth lingering over. Every one of our chocolates is carefully handcrafted in San Francisco of the finest couverture chocolate. We believe it is the perfect chocolate for late-night conversations with old friends, overdue romantic moments, and quiet mornings all to yourself.

Meet our founders, sisters-in-law AmberLee and Andrea

AmberLee spent the first few years of her life living in a ridiculously picturesque part of the Maracaibo region of Venezuela with her family of European immigrants. Being in a family of European chocolate lovers who live among the world’s most revered cacao made AmberLee think of chocolate as part of being a family. She now lives in the Roseville, California area with her husband and three children and continues to obsess over chocolate. AmberLee creates our recipes, designs our packaging and website, directs photoshoots, and enjoys keeping in touch with our fellow chocolate fans by email and media.

Amber’s favorite thing to do while drinking hot chocolate is to read Dickens, and then collapse onto her pillow before 9:30 at night, because, did we mention? she has three children.

Andrea grew up in the California Bay Area taking trips to San Francisco every December to drink hot chocolate and visit FAO Swartz to ogle the toy displays. She loves cool weather and is all about holiday parties and gift giving, and anything sparkly. She now lives in Vacaville with her husband and four children. Andrea manages all our local marketing and industry networking.

Andrea’s favorite way to enjoy hot chocolate is with a table full of friends, talking long into the night.

Meet Tyler, our Latest and Greatest Addition

Tyler grew up putting together fresh fruit gift baskets as part of his family’s small business. He became good friends with AmberLee and her husband during their college years, when he was known as the guy who cooked up actual real meals and sat down to them for dinner. Tyler went on to receive his MBA at Babson Business College before joining Team Ticket to manage our business development, our weddings and special events, our program for gourmet grocers, and our holiday gifting events. He has a penchant for traveling and is by far the best baller among us. Tyler lives in the L.A. area with his wife and daughter.

Why The Name?

Like a great trip, we want our chocolate to create a moment to remember, which is why we here at Ticket Chocolate consider nothing but the world’s finest chocolate and ingredients when creating our recipes. We want to create chocolate that sends you.

Ticket Chocolate is the result of years of dreaming, and several late night conversations. We’re so happy you’re here to be a part of our
dream come true.

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AmberLee and Tyler